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Название: Стихійні забудови та «цар–балкон» як прояви тоталітарної культури в Одесі
Авторы: Бородіна, Наталія В’ячеславівна,
Бородина, Наталия Вячеславовна
Borodina, Nataliia
Ключевые слова: totalitarianism, development, balconies, reconstruction, personal space.
Дата публикации: Дек-2019
Издательство: ОНПУ
Библиографическое описание: Бородіна, Н. В. Стихійні забудови та «цар–балкон» як прояви тоталітарної культури в Одесі / Н. В. Бородіна // Філософія та гуманізм. – 2019. – № 10. – С. 21–33.
Краткий осмотр (реферат): Totalitarian ideology made cities faceless and uncomfortable, so now residents of posttotalitarian cities have large amount of problems with the development of the city. The most striking examples of countries influenced by the totalitarian ideology of the development of the city are post- Soviet countries such as Ukraine and Russia. The totalitarian ideology forced to build on one plan, now this requirement is canceled but residents do not have the habit of taking care of the urban space and of feeling part of it. They are still waiting for instructions from the authorities. These are used by dishonest entrepreneurs who build homes that destroy the historic center and the seafront. There are permanent traffic jams in the post-Soviet space due to improperly parked cars. It is impossible to drive through the city, often the city resembles a dump of cars. In totalitarian country residents had to get permission to buy a car, so there were few cars and their don’t care about parking. After the collapse of the totalitarian system, Ukraine did not develop the correct system of fines and penalties for improper arching, so the problem only intensifies. The lack of a plan and a well-thought-out individuality, the ability to take care of the exterior of the city together with the community is also manifested in such phenomena as extensions to buildings and balconies. Because of the same soviet houses, people tried to stand out by building large balconies and now these balconies, like growths, are mutilating houses. All countries that have survived totalitarian ideology have many problems with the development of cities. One of the main conditions for their solution is the growth of people's consciousness, understanding of themselves as part of the urban community and participation in the life of the city. Keywords:
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Располагается в коллекциях:Філософія та гуманізм. Випуск 10

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