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Название: The infrastructural vector development of Odessa in the coordinates of activation of tourism entrepreneurship
Авторы: Zabarna, Eleanora
Забарна, Елеонора Миколаївна
Забарная, Элеонора Николаевна
Averikhina, Tatiana
Аверіхіна, Тетяна Володимирівна
Аверихина, Татьяна Владимировна
Ключевые слова: regional development
implementation mechanism
tourism business
gastronomic tourism
Дата публикации: 2020
Библиографическое описание: Zabarna, E., Averikhina, T. (2020). The infrastructural vector development of Odessa in the coordinates of activation of tourism entrepreneurship. Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design, Vol. 32, p. 100-105.
Zabarna, E. The infrastructural vector development of Odessa in the coordinates of activation of tourism entrepreneurship / E. Zabarna, T. Averikhina // Journal of Hygienic Engineering and Design. - 2020. - Vol. 32. - P. 100-105.
Краткий осмотр (реферат): The aim of the work is to study new approaches to managing the territorial development of the Odessa region on the basis of infrastructural support for tourism entrepreneurship and the development of appropriate scientific and applied solutions and mechanisms. A linear economic-mathematical model is built based on the method of correlation-regression analysis, on the basis of which the most probable forecast for the development of the global winemaking market for the next three years is obtained. An analysis of the development of the domestic wine production and market sales dynamics has been carried out, and the main reasons for the negative trends are as follows: a generally unstable economic situation, an ill-conceived excise policy, the absence of state programs for the development of the territory, and low purchasing power which plays against legal players in the market. It is proven that the positive impact of tourism on the economy is observed when it operates on the conditions of balanced development with other sectors of the socio-economic complex of the region. On the basis of a critical rethinking of the “Concept of the development of gastronomic tourism in Ukraine until 2026”, a vector of institutional transformations is proposed in the development of the Odessa region on the principles of sustainable development whilst taking into account global trends and Ukrainian realities. In the context of such transformations, the main strategic directions for the development of gastronomic tourism in the Odessa region of Ukraine are identified in a set of measures for the organization and promotion of gastronomic tourism in Ukraine based on sustainable development and the prospects for individual regions of the country to enter the international tourism market with a competitive national gastronomic tourism product. The enogastronomic tourism route “Wine Roads of Bessarabia” is proposed, which is based on the co-location of enogastronomic destinations including the ten largest wine-producing enterprises in the Odessa region that have potential tourist attractiveness according to certain criteria (a unique type of wine, the history of the enterprise, the level of transport, and tourist infrastructure). The project proposal also included the most picturesque cities of the Odessa region (e.g., Vilkovo), as well as cities with a rich history (e.g., Belgorod-Dniester) and winemaking traditions (e.g., Sarata). An algorithm has been developed for the implementation of the project proposal “Wine Roads of Bessarabia”, which, in the future, could be included in the single European network, “The Wine Route of Europe”.
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