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Название: Smart Agro-Clustering Based on the Chain "Education-Science-Business" for Sustainable Development
Авторы: Башинська, Ірина Олександрівна
Кічук, Ярослав Валерійович
Данилюк, Сергій Семенович
Бессараб, Анастасія Олександрівна
Левицька, Людмила Василівна
Зайцев, Олександр Васильович
Bashynska, Iryna
Kichuk, Yaroslav
Danylyuk, Serhiy
Bessarab, Anastasiia
Levytska, Liudmyla
Zaitsev, Oleksandr
Башинская, Ирина Александровна
Данилюк, Сергей Семенович
Кичук, Ярослав Валерьевич
Бессараб, Анастасия Александровна
Левицкая, Людмила Васильевна
Зайцев, Александр Васильевич
Ключевые слова: smart
Дата публикации: Июн-2022
Библиографическое описание: Bashynska, I., Kichuk, Y., Danylyuk, S., Bessarab, A., Levytska, L., Zaitsev, O. (2022). Smart Agro-Clustering Based on the Chain "Education-Science-Business" for Sustainable Development. Journal of Agriculture and Crops, 8(3), 208-215.
Smart Agro-Clustering Based on the Chain "Education-Science-Business" for Sustainable Development / I. Bashynska, Y. Kichuk, S. Danylyuk, A. Bessarab, L. Levytska, O. Zaitsev // Journal of Agriculture and Crops. -2022. - Vol. 8, Iss. 3. - Р. 208-215.
Краткий осмотр (реферат): The rapid development of technologies has made their adjustments in absolutely all processes of the universe. The accelerating pace of technology development, constant crisis phenomena direct all interested parties towards clustering. The study is devoted to studying theoretical and methodological developments regarding clustering, the analysis of the current state of the course of sustainable development chosen by Ukraine and the achievement of goals within its framework. A special place is given to the aspect of financial regulation of the creation of an agrarian cluster. The analysis showed the need to improve the established clustering chain by adding schools as cluster members at the initial stage. The authors proposed and clearly presented a scheme of interaction between stakeholders in a Smart-cluster and described why this agrarian cluster could be considered smart. The resulting synergistic effect from the creation of a cluster is not only in increasing the efficiency of its work as a whole compared to the efficiency of individual participants but also in the mutual strengthening of competitive positions. To improve the financial regulation of creating a smart agrarian cluster, the authors proposed an algorithm that would allow the most efficient allocation of money depending on priorities. Forecasting needs to be reviewed periodically because it is planned that at the initial stage, the smart cluster will be financed by “locomotives”, i.e. profitable industries / enterprises, in the future financing will fall on the shoulders of promising highly profitable non-resource high-tech industries / enterprises.
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