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Название: Enhancing the Activity of Employees of the Communication Department of an Energy Sector Company
Авторы: Малиновська, Юлія Богданівна
Башинська, Ірина Олександрівна
Чіхонь, Даріуш
Малиновський, Юрій Володимирович
Сала, Даріуш
Malynovska, Yuliia
Bashynska, Iryna
Cichon, Dariusz
Malynovskyy, Yuriy
Sala, Dariusz
Малиновская, Юлия Богдановна
Башинская, Ирина Александровна
Чихонь, Дариуш
Малиновский, Юрий Владимирович
Сало, Дариуш
Ключевые слова: game theory
sustainable growth
Дата публикации: Июн-2022
Библиографическое описание: Malynovska Y., Bashynska I., Cichoń D., Malynovskyy Y., Sala D. ( 2022). Enhancing the Activity of Employees of the Communication Department of an Energy Sector Company. Energies, 15, 4701, 1-16.
Enhancing the Activity of Employees of the Communication Department of an Energy Sector Company / Y. Malynovska, I. Bashynska, D. Cichoń, Y. Malynovskyy, D. Sala // Energies. - 2022. - 15, 4701. - Р. 1-16.
Краткий осмотр (реферат): Currently, companies in the energy sector are focus on sustainable growth, although they face many challenges, including the peculiarities of their operations. One of the features of companies in the energy sector is the need for effective communication with the media and the public. This is of paramount importance due to the current trends and challenges in the energy sector, the market requirements and the low level of development in such companies. The object of this study invovles the employees of the communication departments of energy sector companies, while the subject is the intensification of their activities based on the use of motivational tools. The authors chose the tools of the game theory, which is a game that the company and employees of the project team engage in when implementing information and communication projects. The study developed a method for motivating the employees of communication departments, which based on the game theory, allows the formation of many possible parameters of the optimal structure of fixed and commission remuneration payments for the employees to maximize their utility, depending on the propensity or unwillingness of these employees to take risks, which contributes to the development of staff motivation tools. This method was applied to the activities of several Ukrainian energy companies. The proposed approach differs from the existing ones based on the opportunity to intensify the activity of the employees of the communication departments, taking into account their willingness to take risks in each case, and will increase the interest of such personnel in the effective implementation of each stage of the information and communication project, better meet the needs of the end-users and ultimately affect the sustainable growth of energy companies.
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