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Название: Methodology for assessment of inclusive social responsibility of the energy industry enterprises
Авторы: Marek Dudek
Марк Дудек
Bashynska, Iryna
Башинська, Ірина Олександрівна
Filyppova, Svitlana
Філиппова, Світлана Валеріївна
Yermak, Svitlana
Єрмак, Світлана Олександрівна
Dariusz Cichon
Цихон Дарий
Ключевые слова: Indicators aggregated system
Socially responsible attitude
Inclusive sustainable growth
Дата публикации: 2023
Издательство: Elsevier Ltd
Библиографическое описание: Methodology for assessment of inclusive social responsibility of the energy industry enterprises / Marek Dudek, I. Bashynska, S. Filyppova, S. Yermak, Dariusz Cichon // Journal of Cleaner Production. - 2023. - Vol. 394 (136317). - P. 1-11.
Marek Dudek, Bashynska, I., Filyppova, S., Yermak, S., Dariusz Cichon. (2023). Methodology for assessment of inclusive social responsibility of the energy industry enterprises. Journal of Cleaner Production, 394 (136317), 1-11.
Краткий осмотр (реферат): Enterprises of the energy industry, trying to keep up with the rapid development of scientific and technical progress, often do not study and predict the potential negative consequences of their innovative activities for society and the environment in hyperdynamic conditions. However, economic growth in this way can be accompanied by increased income inequality and population poverty, deterioration of environmental conditions, the disproportionality of territorial development, etc., which requires increased social responsibility. The concept of inclusive social responsibility of energy industry enterprises can be at the forefront of solving this problem, which is designed to ensure the maximum inclusion and interaction of all members of society of all strata of the population in economic activity to increase the level of employment, social responsibility, social and territorial unity. The authors proposed a methodology for assessing the state of inclusive social responsibility of energy industry enterprises, which considers the industry specifics of fuel and energy enterprises. The offered method of assessment of inclusive social responsibility, unlike the existing ones, includes in its focus the following com- ponents: social (taking into account vulnerable categories of the population), socially responsible attitude (definition of the main values, law-abiding enterprise, thrifty attitude to ecology, etc.) and economic, empha-sizing the importance of the company’s profit-making to ensure its sustainable and inclusive development; each of the proposed indicators has a universal character, helps the energy company to examine its internal business processes and find bottlenecks in its operations, and using them as an aggregated system has a synergistic effect. Because all indicators of the presented system are characterized by percentages or certain levels and are eval-uated in points, a competitive evaluation can be carried out among enterprises that have different sizes and different scopes of activity, also without reference to their location. The methodology is based on the calculation of the integral indicator, the synergistic effect and the relationship of 20 indicators of the aggregated system, including the methodology of expert assessments, mathematical modelling, in particular, transported matrices. The proposed methodology was tested on a sample of innovatively active enterprises in Ukraine’s fuel and energy complex; the volume of activities for 2020 amounted to 250 million euros or more and confirmed its effectiveness.
URI (Унифицированный идентификатор ресурса): 10.1016/j.jclepro.2023.136317
ISSN: 0959-6526
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