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Авторы: Афанасьєв, Олександр
Василенко, Ірина
Ключевые слова: Roman club, holistic worldview, new Enlightenment
Дата публикации: Май-2019
Издательство: ОНПУ
Краткий осмотр (реферат): The Roman Club, in its anniversary report "On on!", сalled for a new Enlightenment, a holistic outlook, a planetary civilization, an alternative economy. All this could be expressed by the formula: we need a new human world. This formula is an alternative: in the current world with the current outlook, education and education, consumer-oriented economy, ideological and political confrontation, humanity will die. A new world must begin with a change in worldview. Worldview is traditionally explored by philosophy. Therefore, philosophy in these processes comes to the fore. But philosophy is not alone in carrying out a restructuring of the outlook, because outlook values are formed by many forms of social consciousness, modes of activity and elements of culture, for example, religion, art, science, family and school education, and even basic household practice. All this, like other channels of influence, is largely related to material consumption. The prestige of a high level of material wealth is formed both in school, in the scientific environment, and even in the church. Material consumption is served by the economy, which is provided with appropriate education and training of professionals and consumers. Many philosophers have criticized consumerism for a long time, but then it was predominantly moral. Now such an economy is in danger of collapse. To change something we need new economic models, new strategies of education and upbringing, and they are not possible without new worldview values. Most of the world's population does not view the present civilization crisis as a near and real catastrophe. This is why we need a new Enlightenment, with other estimates, of both the human mind and the prospects of further being. In all educational and educational programs it is necessary to introduce the idea of integrity: holistic world, holistic man, holistic science. After all, all human knowledge today is made up of non-integrative parts. The ideas of interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary strategies are moving too slowly into the practical realm. The existing system of education and training of specialists in narrow areas with narrow specific knowledge at its best gives highly qualified specialists, well prepared for the existing system of production and science. But it is not in general consistent with the survival strategy of mankind, in particular because of the lack of integrity of the knowledge obtained. From all of the above it follows an important conclusion for higher education activities. It is necessary to form a well-educated person, whose education will fit his special knowledge, and not vice versa: education should not fit into the special knowledge.
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